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Default Lost keys

I'm missing the keys for my 1960 T-bird- I only got 1 set with it and like a fool did not have another set made. I thought that could wait until the car was finished. I suspect the guy who did the body work & painted the engine compartment kept or lost the keys but this was 7+ years ago and I don't know how to get ahold of him and doubt he would remember or still have them. Searched my whole house top to bottom with no luck. I ordered a new ignition cylinder with 2 keys and from what I've read in these forums I'll probably have to drill out the ignition & trunk cylinders and have the door cylinders re-keyed. I would MUCH prefer to somehow have new keys made for the existing cylinders. For now I can't get into the trunk or glove box. I can live with a locked glove box but the trunk lid needs to come off for paint & body work.
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