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Default Turn Signal Not Working

Happy Independence Day! Hopefully if you live in the U.S.A. you're out cruising in your birds to celebrate. And if you don't, hopefully you're out cruising just for fun.

My right turn signal used to work intermittently while driving, at least according to the dash indicators. Then it stopped working completely. I did some troubleshooting and suspected the flasher had gone bad, so got a new one and replaced it recently. I used that opportunity to do a walk around and found that my left front and left rear lights are all working as they should.

My right rear also works properly, but my right front turn signal doesn't work. Suspecting the bulb was probably bad, I bought some new ones today, but the turn signal still doesn't work. I was figuring that the socket was likely bad as I have no lens, so it's exposed to the weather -- or would be if I drove the bird in anything other than sunny weather.

I grabbed the wiring diagram from the TRL and did some reading of others' posts about turn signal issues, but am still at a loss. I was suspecting that there was no power getting to the socket, but I just tried turning on the running lights and the bulb lit up solid. So with the running lights on I tried the turn signal, but it still does nothing. The other three corners all work as they should, so it shouldn't be a fuse or the turn signal switch.

The only other note in all of this is that the dash indicator still doesn't work for the right turn signal, but I would suspect a bulb there, unless someone can explain how that would cause the front signal only to not work.

Any thoughts?
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