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I have a little Nissan truck that I bought new back in '87.
The horn has always sounded like a sick cow (like on it's death bed kind of sick).
Always loved the sound of the Tbird horns and I had the bright idea that I'd find a used set and put them on the truck.

Send Carl Heller a PM - he sent me a nice used set for a reasonable price.

I repainted mine just to protect them because of where I had to install them. I had planned on putting them behind the front bumper where the original little junky horn was but - THEY WERE TOO BIG

Finally installed one in each wheel well.

Funny part is I had a fellow in a Suburban merge almost right over top of me a few days after I installed them. I hit the horn just so I wouldn't be squashed and immediately thought " Man !!! - who is that blowing the big horns? " Then it hit me - oh - yeah - that's me.........

The guy in the Suburban was looking all around too trying to figure out where that big car was that was honking at him.

Good luck on whichever route you choose..

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