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Originally Posted by M&L60Bird View Post
Looking for a general opinion. My 60 Bird was restored at the end of 2015 and it had the original horns that have stopped working. I've pulled them out and tested each directly from the battery & they both sound as if the diaphram has failed. The car sat in a barn for 40 years before the restoration back to original condition.

My question is am I better off getting the original horns rebuilt or trying to find a used set to repaint and then perhaps have the same problem? I'm not wanting to install a plastic repo set since everything else on a car is original.

This may be a long shot but has worked for me in the past . Before you throw them out, take a hard rubber hammer and give them each a couple of good hard whacks and see if that improves them any. You may just wake them up from a long sleep and also see a lot of dirt coming out . Good luck, worth a try .
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