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WOW!! That was fast !! Thanks for the asst on that.
Great Pics. Looks like spade connectors. I might just make a little jumper harness.
So that switch is IN the column? Add that to my parts list.
The car starting in gear isn't an issue. Only I drive it & I'd be sure & tell anyone (if they had to) I've never left it in gear (EVER) My 71 Charger was that way for a few yrs.

I might even conn the B/U lamp wires just to see if they work. I'm pretty sure the B/U lights never worked since day 1.
OR the lic lamps OR the wsw/pump.

Similar note. I've seen tilt columns in pictures in these cars.
Anyone have one? Is it under $1,000,000 ?
John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)
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