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Default Randy's Big Move

.Hello Squares: well i'm doing a lot to get moved, I stared this thread as to not mess up my Randy's update with non bird work, and as you all know Randy has non-English skills, if it wasn't for Google And my lovely Bride the spelling would be unreadable.
and it take me long time to get this far. I do like reading all about Squares and what they been doing, you guys type like its talking and I wish it was easy, I have a few razor sharp knifes in the box, spelling, typing, and computers, are not one of them. but hey been self employed most of my life, (61) Married (31) paid off the house on are anniversary few years back. now going to Terri's Mom to help her out, We are putting in a apartment down stairs in one of the garages, shower that sort of thing. so I have for you pictures, yeah I can tell so much more in word pictures, [IMG]20170531_142055 by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG] that a 16' door we took it off and hung it on car port on the side of house today moved bunch of block that I have had for years, 28 pounders, pick them up cheep, how cheep about a buck but we had to take all 6 truck loads, I think we moved them about that many times HA!!.....[IMG]20170531_142016 by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20170531_141956 by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG]................................................[IMG]20170531_141946 by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG]................................................[IMG]20170203_141540 by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG] l[IMG]20170531_140800 by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG] how that , last pic is parts car soon as i pull eng. and few parts, I'll be done with that have more room. Im getting ready to Pull it DAVE just to have room, stay stay tuned same Square Channel for more of Randy's Big Move!!
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