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Default MEL Bellhousing Issue

Thanks for your interest in the 462 build...I do have plenty of photos, will have to read up on how to post. The Lincolns used the 462, as I understand, in late 66, all of 67, and early 1968. During that time, Ford introduced the C6 auto trans, replacing the old Cruisomatic 3 speed, a huge cast iron monster. For the 66 & possibly 67 Lincolns who still came with the old Cruisos, Ford bought specially cast aluminum bellhousings from Alcoa...I happened upon one when I bought a 462 engine. these bells have an "X" part number! Anyway, they are the standard Ford depth and by welding aluminum lugs onto the bell and drilling attachment holes, a Toploader can be made to fit. I'll be using a hydraulic thowout bearing since there is no clutch fork arm hole...and the bell doesn't need any more holes!! For the first firing up of the 462, go to youtube and search "Stan Palma 510"...I think that will bring up the video...a little over a minute.

Apparently youtube videos are dropped after a certain amount of time...I just searched for the initial run video and nothing came back. Also, here is Michael Slover's current number: 818-768-0155...I have not talked to Michael for several months, so I am not up on his current situation. He has mentioned to me in the past that the best performance heads for the MEL are the 462 heads...apparently the older heads with bigger ports do not flow nearly as well.

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