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Default 27F vs 29F battery length?

My 27F did not make it thru the winter and I just got a 29F replacement for my '60 at Interstate. The 29F replacement is just about 1/4" longer that my 27F hold down, so replacement seems necessary. Is that what you guys have experienced as well? The 29F hold down is back ordered at MAC's. Has anyone sourced one recently?

Originally Posted by jopizz View Post
I've had quite a few squarebirds that still had the factory hold down and they were all for a group 29 battery. I've never had one that had a group 27 hold down. That's not saying that they didn't come with group 27 batteries. With all the squarebirds that I've owned the fact that I've never had one tells me that the 29NF battery was used more often than not.

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