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Does anyone have an exploded diagram of the shifter assembly that they could post??

Ray, when you say that the wear is apparent, I assume you are talking about the wear in the notch. Is it the side-side travel that is the problem? Whatever pin rides in that notch eventually (due to wear) can move farther than it originally could? Am I understanding the problem at all?

If I am in Drive and move the shift lever then there is noticeable travel or play that accomplishes nothing. I am guessing that both the pin and that notch allow that play and, with new properly made parts, much of it vanishes. I would guess what little lubrication Ford put in 59 years ago is long, long gone.

But I have never taken one of these apart so I know only slightly more than I do about gene-splicing or speaking Mandarin Chinese. I have only gotten into the steering area enough to repair the turn signal internals.
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