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Originally Posted by Frango100 View Post
...The thing is that the drawing shows the gasket 3672 as a round gasket, while it should have the same shape as gasket 3630.
Should i use plastic for gasket 3672 as well?...
3630 IS NOT PLASTIC. It is steel.

3672 rests ON TOP of the horn ring. 3673 (gasket) is on the bottom of the horn ring.

3672 is round and can be made of just about anything because the electrical aspect or function has no bearing on it. 3672 is simply a 'pad' between the steering wheel and the moving, pot metal, horn ring.

I want your horn to work too. If you follow the diagram it will work. It helps if you understand the electrical and mechanical functions and operation. The real contact is between 3630 and the 'C' ring. The spring pulls up on that entire stack below the steering wheel. When you push the horn ring, 3630 touches the 'C' ring which grounds the horn and energizes the relay. This is a LOW CURRENT operation. High current will destroy the brush and spring.

I didn't hear whether you found your horn relay. This is important. If you don't have a relay you can use a common 12-volt coil relay with contacts rated for 30-amps. They only cost five bucks. I have a dozen of them if you need one. - Dave
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