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Default hot floors

I agree on the dynamat idea. It helped when I did it along with vintage air. No need to let the AC fight those floors. I remember how hot they were driving it home from CA across AZ, NV. I couldn't keep my hand on the chrome strip on the console. But what REALLY helped make a difference was exhaust pipe heat shields I made later. All I used was roofing aluminum from the hardware store. Cut to 5 or 6 inch widths and whatever lengths fit between the bends in the pipe. Add about 3 inches of length on each end, and cut the ends into three 3 in. tabs. ( Think of a block capital letter "E".) Bend each tab down 90 and then back up 90 in about an inch. Roll the whole length into a half-round shield. The letter " E" makes three legs to stand the heat shield off the pipe an inch, and the part of each leg past the second bend is simply hose- clamped to the pipe. I put them in clear to the back seat floor. I thought about making them over using stainless of something better, but they work fine and I never felt the need. I don't know, but maybe the wrap mentioned would do as well. But this sure does make a difference. I guess the heat is reflected and carried out the rear of the shield. Let the forum know if you find out how the wrap works.
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