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Robin was mortified to learn that our '55 has no backup lights. I'm still laughing...

I agree, all disk brakes absolutely need a booster.

Back in the day, power brakes were RARE. Because we had huge family cars, everyone gave enough space between cars to stop. Most cars were slow to start and slow to stop.

Back in the late '50s, my 47 yr-old mother learned to drive our '54 Ford station wagon. It had a Mileage Maker Six, three speed manual column shift, manual steering and manual brakes. Basically, dad bought it (new) to cart our family of seven to church and on vacations. She was determined to learn as she took driver's ed., on weekends at our high school, in Michigan Winter.

Dad never knew she had her license. One Sunday, Mom made a comment about Dad's driving. He pulled the car over and said, "Catherine, if you think you can do better, YOU DRIVE!" She did. Dad was in shock for days afterward... Back then, it was common for housewives not to drive. Neither of my grandmothers did and neither did my mother's sisters. Robin was over 40 when she got her license. I say, 'necessity is the mother of invention.' - Dave
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