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Default Front Shoulder Seat Belt

I am in contact with David, Jeremy, and Darryl Heiner in Australia. Darryl did the shoulder harness seat belt installation on Jerermy's '60 430MEL Black Raven that used to belong to Bart Como! He still has it. I am working on putting together a Tech Tip on how to install retractable rear seat belts like David did in his '58 AND the Shoulder Harness set up that Darryl does for the guys Down Under. Unfortunately, when Darryl changed companies, he lost his pix. He has given me some additional information though. I am trying to piece together a step-by-step Tech Tip to help those who want to install front seat Shoulder Harnesses in their Squarebirds.

David has suggested this. If someone has a Squarebird with the headliner removed, please take some photos of the C section where the harness would go. We need to see what that section looks like because that is where the top of Shoulder Harness attaches to. We think that area is built up, but, unfortunately, neither Dave, Jeremy or Darryl have pix of that area. BUT I DO! One Pic and I will post it below. In the pic below you will see, from Davids '58, where that top of the Shoulder Harness attaches to the C Column. When Darrly does these installs, (and he has done many of them Down Under) with the headliner out, he welds in a plate in that area to strengthen the anchoring of that harness. When the interior is intact, and to prevent fire, he lifts up the headliner in that area and uses self tapping screws in the mounting plate on each side, then covers it up with the headline. Here also is a picture of the metal plates he uses and I will give you the dimensions in the Tech Tip.
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