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Originally Posted by Bird-in-the-bush View Post
So I just drove my 1960 thunderbird home from Tulsa ok to Nebraska. I was blown away at how good it ran. I'm newly in love with a Ford, being a Mopar guy in the past. However, the heater didn't work so good. Am I to understand that the car does not have a heater core? How does this system work? Any info, greatly appreciated. Also, how do i attach pics? Thank you
Check the thermostat too, T-Birds are prone to running hot, so I've heard of people removing the thermostat thus not creating enough heat to run the heater with hot air coming out. also it's pretty simple to remove the controls and check the cables, they might be out of adjustment. Simple things first. When you have the car running, move the controls and you should hear it switching between heat and defrost, the blower runs like s**t on low so run it on high, but when it works its a cooker!
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