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Joe, I'm not disputing your hard work but...
I'm 6'4" and my head nearly touches the head liner of nearly every modern car I sit in, so I recline slightly. Now, I realize most folks aren't that tall but, I have to raise my headrests or they center on my neck.

My Mustang Convertible had a back seat so my front seats folded forward. With the window open, my arm felt comfortable 'hanging out' over the belt molding. The seat belts never came close to my ear.

I used to own a Tempo for getting groceries. That car had a retractable shoulder harness. The roof had a track where the shoulder belt attached. Close the door and the shoulder belt traversed rearward, then stopped via an electric motor. Open the door and it went all the way forward. (Don't open the door and hang your head out to back up or the shoulder belt would pull it back around your neck.) The track was not attached to the roof skin and neither would any shoulder belt. That's why all support attaches to structural inner-panels, not outer skins. - Dave
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