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Default Edelbrock 1405 secundary adjustment

I bought a repair kit for the Edelbrock 1405 on my Bird. Put the new parts/seals in there, and at the end they tell to check the secundary throttle valve adjustment. The secundaries should start to open when the primary is 13/32" open (10 mm). The secundaries already started to open at 6/32", so made the adjustment to the input rod. Now when i put the accelerator to the floor, the secundaries wont open even a bit. I have a non standard (but old looking) and partly home made accelerator mechanism, which most probably is the problem. I related some time ago already a too high pedal force needed.
Does someone has a picture(s) of the complete accelerator mechanism, to see which part(s) im missing? I will see if Carl has the missing parts.
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