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Default making brackets?

Originally Posted by NYsquarebird58 View Post
This whole thing was a big learning curve for me. I know it probably sounds silly, but the most challenging part for me was drilling the holes. I just couldn't get that 3/8" drill bit to drill all the way through that 1/4" steel.
Hi Marcelo - On Dave's advice and after reading your post again (great pictures!) I'm leaning heavily toward having a go at fabricating the spacer brackets as you did to fit to the stock 1960 firewall bracket.

Couple of questions - How long were those pieces and do you think 1/8" thick steel would be too thin? Would you have bought a piece of 1/4" if you didn't have that hitch looking for a new life? I'm gonna have to buy something and I was figuring 1/8" should be fine but maybe not so looking for an opinion?

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