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Default Keys & Key Codes

I'm at the point in my 60 Restoration where I install the door locks. To begin with I have 3 keys that look similar, one for right door, one for the left door and one for the ignition. When new there was one key that did all of this, and this key was called the primary key. The secondary key was the one for the trunk, glove box and top lock (58-9 Convertibles), this is the key with the round head.
I could buy a set of both door locks and the ignition cylinder that were keyed alike for upwards of 70.00 or I could find a locksmith to get me back to one key. The locksmith who actually could do this in my area took sick 7 years ago and has not returned to his shop, where one can see all his tools, stock and equipment by looking through the window.
I came across a man in another Ford forum commenting on a key cutter. I became curious, did some research and contacted him. He was able to sell me a key cutting device with components to cut Ford keys from 1952 to 1965 and a code book to find the key code by using the key number. He also included a pinning kit that enabled me to change the pins in the locks and lock cylinders.
Since my locks were in bad shape I was able to find nicer locks from Squarebirds I had parted out. These locks had no keys.
I was able to find the key number on the right door lock which seems to be the only permanent place to find a primary key number on the Squarebird. Other possible sources might be on the original invoice or on the small round rings that come with new locks.
Using the key number from the right door lock I was able to look up the key code in the book and set it on the key cutter. I now had a new key that fit my nice right door lock. Next was to take the left door lock, remove the old pins and springs and install new pins and springs using the code from the right door. I then re-pinned the ignition cylinder. Now I have all 3 locks operated by the same key.
I have not done anything with the secondary key and am not sure if there is a key number anywhere for these. I'd like to hear if anyone has, or if anyone has some key experiences that might help forum members.
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