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I realized that I never came back to this.

After the dust settled on our move, I decided to take the T'bird out to get the fuel topped off before winter. Against my better judgement, I shut her down at the gas station. Sure enough, it wouldn't crank. I tried moving the shift lever with no luck. At every turn of the key I'd get a slight clunk, but that's it. After sitting for some time and trying it occasionally, with nothing, I dug up the road side assistance number and called for a tow. Another hour or so and a flatbed showed up and took us home.

While I was waiting, a gentleman who said that he was familiar with old Fords showed up and tried to help me get it going. We hit the solenoid and the starter with the tire iron to no avail. We rocked the car to try to free the starter, no dice. His opinion was it was the starter, since none of those things had any effect.

Any opinions on his diagnosis? Also, anyone buy a starter from Rockauto? The rebuilt units from the T'bird vendors are $119-$140 with core charges of $35-$75. At Rockauto it's about $30 plus a $15 core charge or a new one for $95.
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