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Default 1959 Thunderbird brake booster

This might be a dumb question. I have heard that the 59 Thunderbird Master cylinder is the only one not made anymore. Someone was talking about the power booster being on the inside of the firewall. I have been looking and have seen some where it might be like that with only the resovoir sitting there. It could be that it has manual brakes as well. Mine has a power booster from an 86 Toyota in it when I got it. So I am curious


Another week or so and the 59 is back from paint. I can't wait. Found a front bumper on EBay that was within 250 miles for $250 so I have to drive to south east Indiana to pick it up. This week. My bumper is perfect front and back but the chrome is worn out bad. Going to be next year before I can afford to have them done or do the core swap and cash. Chrome didn't look as bad in white as it will with the color change to Fire engine red. I will be replacing old chrome in pairs little by little.
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