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Hi everyone,
So i finally made to see that car and was very disappointed, its completely different from what was on the picture , only the color is the same =/ So I will keep looking and let you know if I will find anything else

Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
David, if you can obtain some pix of that Tbird, please post them, using one of the methods I suggested to you in the Welcome I posted to you. Once we have some pix to look at, we can give you a better opinion. Luckily, we have some great peoples on here who know these old Tbirds very well. If you do decide to go look at it, before you do, go to the Technical Resource Library (the link to which is on my signature element and that of John's ~ jopizz) and go to the bottom of it. You will find a copy of the Vehicle Check List that our member put together to help anyone who is thinking about buying a Tbird. Print it out and take it with you. It can be a great help to you in running that check list against any Tbird (or other car, for that matter) to see how it stacks up against the list.

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