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Default RE: 1963 Exhaust Manifolds

>I don't have a solid pair. I may have one side.
>Sorry. Actually I think one side of the 63's is
>interchangable with the 58-60's. I'm not 100% on that
>Who reproduces them?

Sorry for the late response but for some reason my old account quit workking and I kept submitting for a lost password but the system has never responded. Fortunately I had registered under another name at some point and I just found the paperwork for that screen name. The 63 and newer manifolds will not work well on earlier cars. Prior to 63 the manifold was sealed to the tail pipe with a flat gasket. Starting in 63 they went to a donut seal. In order to use a donut the manifolds were redesigned with a bevel to accomodate teh seal. This bevel will not provide the sealing surface for a flat gasket. Hawkrod
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