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Default 1963 Exhaust Manifolds

Hello, I am a squarebird person who in one of my purchases of a 59 parts car I acquired a set of C3 exhaust manifolds. I very carefully heated them up and removed them from the heads. No "ears" broke or cracked. They appear to have no cracks and are in good condition. I sandblasted them and they look great. They don't appear to have any pitting and are the best set of any t-bird manifolds I've ever seen (3 years experience...not much).

In the near future I am going to be selling them and I already understand the value of the 58-60's. I've checked on-line with one company and they have them listed for about $500-$550 per set. Is this the going rate? If not what is a fair market value. Is anyone out there interested? They will probably make their way onto ebay in the up coming months.

I also received a steering column with wheel that has a hinge on the bottom that may work as a swing away column. What is this worth?


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