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Default 400HP 390cid.

I'm soon dropping off my bullet to a custom painter for a custom paint resto. While out of it's box, I'm going to dress up my original 390cid. With this, I wanted to mildly mod it in hopes to get at least 400-450 HP. I had it rebuilt about a year and a 1/2 ago only to get it back on the road. It still had the soft valve seats and smoked like a hippie. I'm afraid of getting taking advantage of as I don't know what to ask for other than give it some more ponies. I know this barge will never be popping wheelies but I'd like to get it out of the box a little faster. I've already got some headers and piping to the two new magna flows in the garage waiting for reassembly. I'm sure that'll help but what else can I do on a limited budget that is going to the paint shop.
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