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Originally Posted by pbf777 View Post
I hardly think the "Y" block was, or should be historical (as far as engine designs are concerned) considered riddled with many flaws; although it was limited by the intentions and technology of the period, which may appear as flawed, latter in time; nor was it replaced by the FE.
Really? Ford's first overhead valve engine wasn't historic? By definition, the FE IS a re-engineered Y-Block. None of the parts interchange between both engines so yes, the FE quickly replaced the 'Y' and Ford did NO further developments to the 'Y' past the 312 version. Scott, you need to do a bit more research.

Ford dropped the 239 and 256 'Ys' early. The 272, 292, 312 didn't last long in Ford Cars either (by comparison to FEs). Classic T-Birds lived during a huge engineering transitional period at Ford. Thunderbird only used Y-Blocks for their first three years. The '55 'Bird had a six-volt Positive Ground system. The '56 'Bird was 12 volt neg gnd and the gauges were also 12-volt. '57 'Birds were the first to use CVRs with six-volt gauges. This was the only car Ford offered a supercharger in a Y-Block. "The FE was introduced to replace the short-lived Ford Y-block engine, which American cars and trucks were outgrowing." Early FE offerings that resembled solid lifter 'Y' engines were quickly dropped or revamped like the 332 and 352. Even so, FE engines had a long run from 1958-1976. - Dave
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