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Default Upper Control Arm Bushing and More!

Happy New Year Everyone!
So the irritating squeak from the right-front turns out to be a bad control arm bushing, and since a disc brake conversion has been swirling in my head for at least a couple of years, looks like I will have my work cut out for me come spring when the 'Bird comes out of winter hibernation.

I'm getting my shopping list together now and will be going with the scarebird bracket / ABS 9787 setup on my 352 No A/C set-up. This is a pretty big job (for me ) and the info being shared here on this site is what has given me the confidence to take it on so thanks to Dave Ray OX1 Randy and the many many others who have left a trail for me to follow. I will try to do the same for those who come after.

Here are my lead-off questions, thanks in advance...
1) Has anyone been able to use the S-10 calipers with the 75-80 Granada 14" wheels and NOT have to grind the calipers to fit? Does it matter if they are for 2WD or 4WD?

2) My car has the original upper ball joints and 65k miles. I'm confident that I can make the 2 bolt/coupling nut tool and separate the ball joint (without the pickle fork and that potential damage) to get at & remove the upper A arm to do the bushings. At this point, other than the control arm bushing,the front end is solid. So - do I just put it back together as is or bite the bullet and replace the ball joints for no apparent reason other than that they are apart.

Here's a couple of pictures.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Power Booster MC Stock.JPG (108.9 KB, 147 views)
File Type: jpg Right Upper Control Arm Bushing.JPG (103.1 KB, 118 views)
File Type: jpg Upper Ball Joint Right.JPG (95.3 KB, 118 views)
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