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John, you're right and I feel obsolete. No wonder some people don't retire. It looks like it's up to the retailers to make a difference, which is where I started.

I love old cars, old music, and old movies because these still have value and substance I can't find in today's products. Oh, I know modern car's quality and thrift can't be beat, but I decided to sell my 2000 Corvette and buy a Squarebird because transportation alone never fulfilled my desire in cars. I like 1953-82 Corvettes because of their personality. That encompasses styling and performance. The same applies to 1955-67 Thunderbirds. Did I say I like making them better when I can? And that requires good parts.

I put over $5,000 into my car in the first year. It was easy and the car was in good condition to start. Some bogus parts couldn't be returned as there's some destruction during the fit process-like the weather stripping. Lessons learned.

I'll let it go now. Thanks again.
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