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Default Reproduction Door Scuff Plates

Do I have to say many reproduction parts are a huge disappointment? Mac's, Larry's, The Bird House, Dennis Carpenter: Do you guys hear us? I replaced the door scuff plates on my 1960 with Mac's version of the Taiwan reproduction. These are not an exact, nor even a 95% replica of the originals. The piece is much more shallow and wider front to back. It fits after re-drilling the non-matching holes with a 11/64 bit to fit the new larger diameter screws (extra cost). The same goes for door weather stripping. It doesn't matter if you purchase the USA made rubber or not. The dog leg is unacceptable.

We would gladly pay for quality parts if you buy these for re-sale. If not, how about soliciting and publishing reviews of the part so we don't waste good money on stuff Ford would have rejected.

I know I'm going to get a lesson on why I voted Trump here, but in this computer age this shouldn't happen even if these parts were made in Timbuktu.
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