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Default RE: Need Some Assistance

>I just recently inherited a 1960 Golde Top. 352 White with
>a 3 speed transmission. No Overdrive. Wondering How Rare
>This Is and If I should Restore it. No Power windows or
>Locks. No AC. Power Steering and Brakes. Turquoise
>Leather. I have been looking all over and haven't come
>across one. Any info would be great. Thanks

Automotive Industries fingures show that only 9290 1960 Birds left Wixom with manual trans in Hardtop/Sunroof/Convertible form.
Again a further 9290 Birds left with Overdrive in all body styles.

352 cuin Sunroof cars (2159 units) made up a total of 2.33% of production for 1960 so how many had manual trans, who knows but i would say this i would restore the car as i only know two to be offered in a number of years.

As for the power windows it was a bit of half and half in 1960 it was not unusal to have a sunroof car without Air con after all if you went for the sunroof then air con was not in mind on the buyers personnal options list.
I have Air in my Sunroof but i never use it.
The interior colour is super nice!

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