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I've been looking for a Squarebird for several years, and hadn't yet found the right car. I didn't want to undo things other people had done poorly. I found a 1960 with sunroof that has been taken apart. Body work done. Suspension. Brakes. All the chrome has been removed. Windows out. Engine and tranny out. Interior out. Dash out. I'm thinking this might be the car for me, because I can have it done right--but I'm clueless on where to begin, who to contact--I have a place to store the car while it's being worked on. My hubby can do some of the work, although he's not too thrilled since he already has too many projects. What should I look for in this car? Anything to shy away from? Ballpark range of what it will cost to rebuild motor and tranny? Anyone know a good T-Bird specialist in southern California? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. I'm a total newbie to this, but I like things done right.
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