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Default Wheels For Disc Brake Conversion

I've been asked to provide information to help others who are looking for wheels for their Squarebird for disc brake conversions.

First off, I used the Scarebird bracket so I could use my original spindles. I used the S10 calipers with '68 Mustang Rotors.
Part numbers are as follows:
RH caliper A-1 Cardone #184128
LH caliper A-1 Cardone # 184129
Brake pads Raybestos #SGD154C (service grade ceramic)
Rotor Raybestos # 6006R

Wheels from Summit Racing Equipment
WVI-12-461204 14 x 6 Smoothie 5 holes 4.50 / 4.75 BC with 4.00 backspace. I ordered 5 new wheels. No issues with a spare should a flat occur. Also my original '58 Ford hubcap fit great.

I know there has been discussion concerning ABS Power Brake Inc. on the forum.
I purchased item 9787 which is the booster and M/C for 1954-64 full size Ford, 8" Dual Dia. Booster combo. My price in July 2015 was $295.00. For the record I've has no issues.

I hope this helps others on the forum in their quest for better braking. With this setup I can always change back to drum brakes. However that will be for the next owner to do. FYI, I had never done this type of change over and thanks to Dave Dare and Tom Taylor it was very simple.

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