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Default RE: Real Sunroof?

Will do. It should be running tomorrow. One small kink. The expan tank I bought from Dottling TB (ebay) is the later ribbed style (which is what I wanted) But, the rad hose otl is 1 3/4 (not) 2" like the orig 1960 version. One little detail to consider when you update that. Need to ord hose for 62-65 full size Galaxie or Merc 352/390.

I sent you the ebay add for that 60 S/roof. I hope that's ok. I'd just like your opinion. I'm gonna probably go look at it this weekend. Sacramento is about 2 hrs from here. Bet it'll be 100 degrees there too. Oh well, we'll go in the air cond Tahoe. Anyhow, the guy had real low bids last time. He just re-posted it. It's probably a rust bucket.

Thanks Alexander !!!

John Byers

John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)
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