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Default RE: Real Sunroof?

Ok guys !! Thanks for all the advise. I will look further.
Pretty funny though. 91 octane gas is about 2.80 per gal here, and I want a 430. I'm sure they only get about 8 MPG. My theory in Cars and Harley's and whatever is "No replacement for displacement"
It's not like I'd commute in the thing. There's also a 430 pwr'd 59HT near here at my buddies radiator shop. It's rough though. Fresh engine, but the body IS beat up. Too much of a project. He wants 4K for it. I'll keep looking. But a 430J Sunroof IS the ultimate Thunderbird.

Speaking of San Jose Radiator. He built me a 4-row radiator for $275.00 for the 60 Conv. He also refit that Dearborn Classics fan shroud to fit properly. It's simple with the radiator out. Just relocate the holes in the upr radiator header and the lwr mounting flange bracket.
Fit's like a glove.

John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)
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