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Default RE: Real Sunroof?

Hi John,
On the ROT Sheet if you can get hold of it for the sunroof car it should say along the top of it TOP and it will denoted with the number 5.
This was designated to be shipped out with Golde for conversion.
If the car has had the roof grafted on there is only two ways.
Its been welded on along the waistline all around the car, or check for new welds around the front of the sunroof in the open position, and if possible remove a part of the front headliner and see if a new hole has been cut in the roof and the drain pan has been graffed and welded in.

Dont give up your search for your dream Squarebird i have mine at last after selling my 352 Golde for a fully loaded and full options list 430 Golde...they are out there.

1960 430 Golde
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