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Default Speeday Mopar Brake Booster Kit

I was looking through a Speedway Motors catalog and discovered that they have an 8 Inch Dual Power Brake Booster Kit (p/n: 916646570) for A/B/E Body Mopars between 1965 and 1970 which appears to resemble the ABS booster kit (p/n: 9787) that is used for squarebirds. I don’t have the specs of the ABS or Speedway setup; however, I would like to call Speedway to get more information about this booster kit because it is priced much lower than the ABS kit and Speedway has an excellent track record of good customer service. Has anyone tried to install Speedway’s booster kit on their squarebird? Or, does anyone have the measurements of the ABS kit (e.g., bolt hole spacing, overall unit length, master cylinder bore size, height of spacing bracket)? It would be great if we could find a less expensive alternative to the ABS kit.,140095.html
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