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Originally Posted by jopizz View Post
The particular model you listed doesn't show up in the Ford parts book. It may have been used on a Mercury.John
I have a theory (Oh boy!); that this Holley unit may have been intended for the production application (see photo of 1958 430 engine prototype T-bird w/Holley) orders placed, inventory acquired, but, the Carter product is what went into production. Maybe? And if so, why? Driveability, costs, politics? We will probably never know, and so, the door is open for speculation, no matter how groundless.
As the 430 MEL engine was intended to be dedicated the to Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln production not Ford, and if this unit never made production installations (Ford T-bird), then it may have at that point, "fell thru the cracks", as far as much of the documenting literature is concerned?
But, if so, then how did these units get to the market place? As Parts & Service inventory? To service, and as a replacement part for what, if never an O.E.M. installation application? I see these units mostly found on obviously non O.E.M. installations, such as where a four barrel or even dual fours have been retrofitted, probably mid-late 1960s. Maybe, Ford never accepted the inventory from Holley, even after they produced a quantity for an impending Ford order that never materialized? Holley then released these units to the aftermarket sales?
So yes, that only leaves the 1958 Mercury & Lincoln production. But I don't find this unit's number there either; and do correct me, if one knows of such actual installation application.
How's that for a bunch of unfounded verbiage? Scott.
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