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The front part is different but was not patched in from what i can see but could have been done by Golde contractor (ASC) specialist 45 years ago.
The stamped panel that house's the manual roof is the same on the power roof too. the underside of the sliding panel on the power roof is different as it has a curve in it to match up with the hump on the front lip of the roof. and has the lifting catches to lift the back of the panel in line with the rest of the roof BUT STILL RETAINS THE ROUND HIGH LEVERS
Talking with the sunroof restorer here in England he has mention to me that Golde would have not gone to great expense in the old days on the difference between the manual and power roof because of tooling costs.
I can't wait to see the finish product as you know the 430 Sunroof i purchased is just loaded with everything you would want and the power roof is just a nice toy to play with. However it would be better on safe driving to have the power roof as the switch is mounted on the drivers dog leg beside the windsheild washer switch. You would not need to stretch you right arm just use your left index finger.
As you know on your own sunroof the front panel is weled in the the stamp panel, just look on the corners you will see the gap and small blobs of weld. Perhaps this is how Golde offered a power roof or the cheaper manual one.
I think we will never know if it left wixom power operated or not but i will sure keep trying to find out as the last know power roof was found in 1973!
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