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Default Vacuum lines

There is a vacuum line that goes through a large rubber grommet in the firewall along with the ac lines. What is it supposed to connect to under the dash? I don't remember if it was connected to anything when I started taking everything apart. The wipers already have one hose connected. What else is vacuum operated? I can't make any sense out of my manual or the illustrated parts book when it comes to the vacuum system. It's obvious some things have been changed from the original configuration. There was nothing connected to the top of the fuel pump. The brake booster is connected to the top of the manifold along with the wipers. I believe the carb and spacer are off of a 63 mustang or something with the spacer connected to the rear of the manifold through a pcv valve. Well now that I've rambled on I hope somebody can help me get this set up so it will operate properly. I'll post pics.
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