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Default Intermittent No Crank

Last fall I had a couple of instances where my car wouldn't crank at all after driving it. If I let it sit for a bit, eventually it would crank and off I'd go. The car has always been very slow to crank when warm, I chalked this up to a bad battery. In fact, when I put it away last fall, I had to jump start it to get to the gas station to top off the tank.

Spring came and I replaced the battery (verified as bad by the auto parts store) and things seemed Ok for a short time. But, now I have more and more instances of no cranking at all, whether the car is hot or cold. Turn the key, nothing. Again, nothing. After 5 or 6 times it'll suddenly crank and start. It seems to crank pretty slowly as well, more slowly than I remember.

Reading some starter related threads here, the first thing I want to check is the neutral safety switch. I need to pull up on the sifter or put it in neutral and give that a try. I remember my grandfather always having to do that to start it until he had it adjusted. It was probably adjusted 25+ years ago, so it may have moved again by now.

If that doesn't help, I'm thinking that I've got a starter going bad, what does everybody else think?
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