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Default RE: 1958 Golde Top Thunderbird

Hi Alex,
Long time no posts, yeh i know but have been busy, also workin on the Goldie, and she is lookin cherry. Was hoping to have her done soon for my Sweden trip , but that will have to wait till next year and the beer with Eric.
Now i have been talkin with some yank car owner friends here in England, and one is still workin for Ford in Birmingham England, and is aware of the Golde Company and there new office in Birmingham.
He is familier with the Sunroof 60Birds, and found out they First opened a Detroit office in mid 1957!. Now he can recall from friends at Golde Birmingham that they were converting cars on private order in late 57 and did approch Ford to see if they could get there Sunroof on the 58s!. So may be the photo of the 58 you have was a private customer who may have loaned it back to Golde for a photo shot?.
Kevin 60 Golde Top
Thunderbirds of England.
The site is a great sucess, thanks for your great efforts welldone.
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