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Update on this;
This last wk/end we had the Natn'l Good Guys show here at the Alameda Co. Fairgrounds. I didn't make it to the show (had to wk Sat etc etc) I did make it to downtown Pleasanton Sat nite. WOW!!! Was it packed !!! 35 min to go just over one mile.
Went up, drove around other parts of town, then drove back.
35 min idling each way. Never got hot. Gauge was at the middle. When I had my rad cap/gauge that was 195-200 (I do need real gauges!!)
It was mid-hi 70s that night. That gauge would have been PEGGED before.
SO, that 7 blade with the shroud works!!

Originally Posted by byersmtrco View Post
On mine, the shroud really helped.
I've got a 4-Row radiator. I don't know that the eng
oil gets all that hot. I'm think a trans cooler would really
help. All the newer cars come w/those. Mostly trucks &
vans come with extn'l eng oil coolers too.

I've been out on some pretty hot days. I've never seen that
gauge go past the middle. About 1/3 over is 180 deg (just in the E in TEMP. I had a rad cap with a gauge in it for awhile just so I'd know.
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