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Default RE: 1958 Golde Top Thunderbird

I enjoyed the Golde site and are wondering now where that 58 is or if it still exsist! In Alan Tast book they show a 59 with a sunroof and the report states that this 59 was the test car for the sunroof. So may be the 58 was an aftermarket private order by the 58s owner and Golde Company took a photo for a later customer brochure?. I also see a 62 Jaguar with the convertion and a friend in our local car club who owns a Jag was surprised when he seen the site and is now looking back at old car asessory books for some more adds. As i have owned a 59 Galaxie a Golde top on this model would have been a sucess due to the same roof line as a T-Bird and i thick Galaxie owners would agree.
But i must say that if the roof was powered as it was avalible by Golde this would have been a very nice finishing touch with a fully option Bird.
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