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Default Production Info

Alexander, I thought I'd post this here, and you have the ability to move it wherever you'd like:-

I found that 2,536 Golde Roof model were made. It does not say if the "36" units higher than your 2,500 were prototypes or early run models, but I have two unrelated sources both stating 2,536 for the total. By the way, not listed as an option, it was a seperate MODEL. The model code was 63B, whereas a regular 2-Door was 63A and the Convertible was 76A, but you probably knew all this!!
2,159 of the Golde Roofs had the 352 V-8, while 377 had the optional 430 V-8. 10 of all of the Golde Roof cars were standard shift.

I show the following for exterior paints:-
Raven Black
Winterset White
Grenedier Red *
Everglade Green *
Gulfstream Blue
Platinum *
Palomino Tan
Casino Cream
Cameo Rose
Cascade Green
Monarch Blue *
Regatta Blue
and Mid-year Additions of:-
Sun Gold
Seaspray Green
* Denotes Metallic
Raven Black
Baltic Blue
Indian Turquoise
Colonial White
Hickory Tan
Glacier Green
Tahitian Bronze *
Steel Blue *
Sandstone *
Diamond Blue
Doeskin Beige
Starlet Blue *
Sea Reef Green *
Brandy Wine
Cordovan *
Casino Cream
Tamarack Green *
Platinum *
Raven Black
Kingston Blue *
Acapulco Blue *
Surf Foam Blue
Beechwood Brown *
Monte Carlo Red
Sultana Turquoise
Corinthian White
Diamond Blue
Moroccan Ivory
Briar Cliffe Green *
Meadowvale Green *
Springdale Rose *
Palm Spring Rose
Adriatic Green
Royal Burgundy *
Gunpowder Grey *
Platinum *

Hope you can use this ~
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