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Welcome to the board. As you well know there has been a lot of misinformation propogated over the past forty years about the 1960 Golde Top Thunderbirds. The West German company that made the sunroofs for these cars was called Golde. There were about 2500 of these cars made. Over the years the information had been distorted that there were Gold roofed or Golden roofed thunderbird built in 1960. Some literature reports that these roofs were gold vinyl similar in tecture to that use on the Kaiser Dragons. Some people have even sworn that they have seen them in this form. Curiously, the number of Golden Top cars has also been the same as the number of sunroof equipped cars - 2500.

The computer cars included in the roof of the sunroof of these cars may have lead to the confusion since there is actually a "Golde Top Paint Order" printed on the card. These cards were made so the sunroofs could painted the same color as the rest of the roof. Apparently the sunroofs were painted separately.

For more information see: .

1959 Hardtop
1960 Golde Top
1959 Hard Top
1960 Golde Top
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