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Originally Posted by Tbird1044 View Post
Went out and played a little more today with the cooling system. Topped off the coolant level and drove the car around for a while to see how hot it would get. With the AC on full, driving around the temp gauge went about 1/2 way. Pulled it in the garage and let it run for another 10 minutes with the AC still on and the temp went up between the M and P on the gauge. I checked the radiator temps with a temp gun and had about 196F on the coolant tank and radiator inlet and about 185F on the suction side of the radiator. The outside ambient temperature was 85F while I had the car running.
I'm going to drive the car for a while and see how it responds. I think my next step would be to go to a 6 bladed fan vs. the 5 blade that is currently on the car.
More to come.

Those temps seem alright to me, still a bit below boiling so why considering a 6-blade?.
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