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It's members like YOU who make our site one of the greatest Thunderbird sites on the planet.

Everything Marcelo does it to perfection, and he's into a lot of disciplines. If you want info about classic telephones or fans, Marcelo is the go-to guy. He has restored countless units that look absolutely 'factory new'. He even uses a phone from the 1920's at his house to answer calls. Amazing, and so cool... You see the quality of work he has documented on his 1960 Squarebird, it was beautiful and I think he got top dollar when he sold it. Even though Marcelo no longer has a T-bird he still maintains his pictures on photo bucket for OUR benefit.

Randy is another guy I take my hat off to. Randy has wrestled with Dyslexia all his life but that doesn't stop him from fulfilling his dream. Randy never restored a car before so his Squarebird is the first. He has learned a tremendous amount by restoring his suspension. He is also retrofitting power disk brakes including all new lines.

Marcelo did such a nice job on his car, that I steered Randy to Marcelo's pages and photos. Our site is one that truly helps other restorers who may live around the world or down the street. That is Alexander's legacy and I'm proud to be part of this family of members. - Dave
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