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It would depend on the current overall condition, as to whether to execute a proper/correct restoration, or make it into a not so correct, but every bit as enjoyable (maybe even more so?) driver.

For 1957 Ford made the dual 4v carb induction a factory available option on the 312 "Y" block. Previously (1955 & 1956), dual 4v's ("power-pak") were available (with Ford's blessing?) as "dealer installed" options, I believe, sourced from Bill Stroppe in CA.

If this vehicle is an original "E" code (312 w/ factory dual 4v carb), identified by the letter "E" in the first position within the V.I.N. #, then I would venture to say, considering its' low production (more than 1200 less than 1500?), one should restore it properly, for its' historical significance, and, if one wishes for the greatest investment value/return.

The engines were not "V.I.N. #s stamped by Ford mfg. for the most part until 1968 onward, but one would need to locate correct castings with production/casting dates of the appropriate period. These are relatively available in this application and worth the effort to locate.

Note, that the some of other options present or lacking, may make for an increased scarcity, perhaps defining the claim of "one of 200?". Scott.
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