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Default Value pricing.

Seeing what people out there insure their squarebirds for. Prices are all over the places from Hagerty to Nada.
I've seen prices from $13k-$15k and upwards of $21k-$34k
I insured mine for $20k the guy I got it from insured it at $22k. I'm thinking it might be too low to replace it. I've already put $2k in it since I got it making everything right and preparing to have it resprayed in the fall after Good Guys in BG Kentucky. Mine is all original in very good condition numbers matching was stored away for many years before I got it. It has had one respray from Glacier Green to white and when they did it, they did it properly. Trunk engine bay doors sills everything. I was able to find remnants of the original color behind the hood latches when I took them off. No rust beyond a couple bubbles still driver quality paint with chips here and there. In the shop right now having upper and lower control arm bushings replaced as we speak.

My list of to-dos are:
A/C - I found a kit at Macs I believe which it is a factory replacement kit so that it looks factory
Heater core replacement- it has a shutoff valve now
Wiper motor repair/replace I haven't checked if it's bad or no vacuum(the lines aren't hooked up now)
New carpet - looks good but under the front floor mats there isn't any
Dash gauges/Speedo fixed no power to them atm and the speedo arm fell off
Front seat buns are crumbling underneath had a seam tear in the drivers seat from getting in and getting out. I sewed it back up. Other than that the interior is really nice no rips tears cracks.
Radio lights up but doesn't work and the access panel under it is missing.
Replace rubber seals trunk, doors and such
The power windows and seats all work. Drivers glass has a crack in it other than that the glass is all fine.
Bumpers- are good could use rechroming. As they are faded.

Other than these few items it is in very nice condition solidly in between #1 & #2 condition before the work is done. Turns heads everywhere I go from driving it around to cruise ins
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