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Originally Posted by HighwayThunder View Post
...Even though the VIN and engine number wouldn't match up, would retrofitting the car with aluminum heads and dual 4-barrels increase the value of the car (close to what it would have been worth with the original engine)?...
Why would any engine under 300 cubes have dual quads??? One 650CFM carb would be too much by itself.

The only aluminum heads available for a Y-Block would be a pair offered by John Mummert (built by Edelbrock to his spec's). They are MUCH better than any head offered by Ford because they are built for today's fuels with hardened valve seats, stainless valves, Viton seals, bronze valve guides, they are much lighter, they allow high compression ratio AND they transfer heat far better than cast iron. They are FAR from OEM but need to be if the car is not a trailer queen.

BTW, my Y-Blocks and FEs do not have VIN numbers. - Dave
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