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Originally Posted by scumdog View Post
...spring for some roller rockers!...
Tom, I got egg all over my face...
I'm trying to keep his original rockers for now. If I ever change ratios the new rockers will certainly be aluminum rollers. There is loads of clearance for 1.73:1 rockers...

Brian also wants headers. For now, I think he should keep his OEM's because they are decent (not like FE logs). Again, if he really wants headers I'm sure he will pop for a set when the engine gets to Fort Worth.

His oil pan plug was stripped, which upset me because I didn't know it until after I installed the oil pan. He had some funky split bolt in there with wrong threads. I tapped the hole for 9/16"-18, which went well. I bought a bolt 1-1/4" long and mounted a washer and nut on the bolt. Then I drilled the small end and sunk a rare earth magnet inside. With my angle grinder, I took off all the threads sticking out past the nut, to make it a long lead. That way, some yahoo will have a harder time cross-threading. The bolt turned out nice. I unscrewed the nut which cleaned up the end of the threads so they turn smoothly. Then, I used a nylon washer next to the steel washer. The new oil pan plug goes in smoothly by hand, all the way up to the nylon washer, a gentle twist with a wrench and done.

I'll post pics later. I just got done finding true TDC and degreeing the cam. I always do this on my builds to verify the cam is where it should be. I don't want to discover a timing problem after the timing cover is installed. Tomorrow I'll install the timing cover, damper pulley and prime the oil before setting the dizzy. - Dave
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